behind the madness...

behind the madness...
Creative, disruptor, parenting guru...there's only one Maggie Bolger.

The queen_b of b_together is Maggie Bolger, widely regarded as one of the most progressive thought leaders in early childhood education, family-focused interior design and members’ clubs. She is the founder and ex-CEO/Creative Director of London’s first family members’ club, Maggie & Rose.

Maggie & Rose was regarded as a pioneer in the industry. Dubbed the “Soho House for yummy mummies” by The Sunday Times, it paved the way for a new model of family-friendly spaces in cities. 

Maggie is now proud to be reimagining the family members club beyond anything that has been seen before. Her vision is to create the ultimate forward-thinking family space for members to relax, learn, work, play, eat, drink and b_inspired. With four children aged 9 to 19, Maggie has a wealth of parenting experience as well as a lifetime of industry experience that she is bringing to b_together. 

Bonus fact. The last time Maggie sat down and did nothing for a few minutes was 1997.

“It’s so exciting to be in a position where all that learning and experimenting of the last 15 years is finally coming together with a clarity like never before. We were considered pioneers when we originally created M&R, but it’s only now that I’m truly beginning to understand what that word means.” Maggie B x

Our mission

We believe the children are our future...
(to quote our favourite Whitney Houston song)

We also believe it’s important to have a functioning planet. So at b_together, we want to provide a space that inspires your little ones to dream big but also to b_kind to the planet while they go about it.

And while your darlings learn and play, we want to provide a fabulous space for you parents to work, connect and relax. Because, to quote another Whitney Houston song: we will always love you. Too much? Okay ignore that last bit.

our mantra

  • innovative

    We want to push the boundaries of the family sector stratosphere and redefine an industry in need of change. Quite a lot of change

  • creative

    Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone in our spaces to feel inspired to create beautiful things.

  • inspirational

    We aim to inspire a generation of geniuses! We encourage curiosity and stimulate minds through connection and play.

  • supportive

    We’re here to help parents navigate the different stages and challenges of modern family life. Sometimes cocktails help.

  • entertaining

    Our spaces are places to relax and enjoy yourself. So it’s our job to surround you with things that make you smile and lol.

  • responsible

    When it comes to our planet, we want to b_part of the solution, not the problem. So, sustainability and responsible sourcing are essentials here.


on the list...

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